Thursday, April 24, 2003

2003.04.24 - The New Jazz Thing Live - Susie Hansen, Playboy Jazz Fest, Blogcritics, Nina Simone

We're back Live, tonight from 6 to 9 pm PT, with Susie Hansen and maybe the Blogcritics! We'll also be playing some Nina Simone in her honor. Stay tuned. 88.3 FM San Diego or Webcast at

[Later...] The Susie Hansen Interview from the show has been published in MP3 formats.

Jeff and Evan came by the studio tonight, after boys day at the park. And Evan rapped to San Diego (and the world via webcast) about his love for TNJT. Here's the MP3 to prove it. And the picture...

20030424 TNJT Evan and Jeff Visit the Studio

Can you tell I'm rushed! Use the Comment[] below to talk back.
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Susie Hansen Does Playboy and The Salsa Never Ends - Live Tonight on TNJT

Susie Hansen will be phoning one in from Los Angeles this evening, around 7:20 pm PT, on The New Jazz Thing Live on Jazz 88, KSDS San Diego, 88.3 FM and webcast at

Susie Hansen: The Salsa Never EndsWe'll be talking about her new album, The Salsa Never Ends. I'm really interested to hear who she feels like are the fathers of her style of Latin Jazz, including if there were any Jazz Violinists that had any Latin leanings. Hispanic Magazine (.com) has this to say,

"“Masterpiece” is also an apt description of the latest salsa-accented Latin jazz treat from violinist Susie Hansen on The Salsa Never Ends. Often it’s the spirit of Cuban charanga and vintage salsa that she taps, as on the title tune, while elsewhere she mixes it up with tracks like the merengue fueled “Blues con Fuego” and the romantic bolero “La pregunta,” which allows her elegant classical technique to surface."

We'll also be previewing her upcoming performance kicking off the 25th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival Community Events season. She's the featured artist, along with "the most recorded Jazz accordianist" Frank Morocco, next Sunday, May 4, 2003, with a free concert at the Beverly Hills Civic Center. How's that for some linkage!

Come back later and we'll get the audio archive of the interview up.
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Lose Time Checking Out These Cool Clocks

Naomi sent us checking out this cool Javascript mouse icon clock. Drag your mouse around and the clock follows.

Which sent me searching for (and finding buried in the email archive) a couple of similarly cool counting clocks / screensavers, for which I now post the links so I will never lose them again...
(You can get this one as a screensaver.)

And that site (follow the 'old' links) is something you could lose yourself in for awhile (if you can figure out how to navigate around it).
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