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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Airy disk:

I wanted to show you all the wave nature of light first hand. The bottom part of the picture above is a half millimeter hole in a piece of copper. I beamed a 670nm laser through the hole and photographed it with my 180mm lens at a distance of 8 meters away. The center bright spot is the pinhole, the concentric circle around it is diffracted light - only waves can do that. The star patterned rays around it are reflections off the aperture blades of the lens.

Ok that satisfied my curiosity about that.

Upon getting home from work, I checked the mailbox, and it contained this Extremely Urgent Letter (like a potty emergency?)


Wow! John Kerry writing to me, personally! I mean he must've addressed the letter himself, look at the smudged ink. Machines don't do that, ya know. So excitedly (I mean, he probably reads this blog and knows he's not my favorite Democrat) I opened the letter. Well, it turns out he wants some of my money. Sorry John, I've got a three figure account right now, and it has to last until next Friday. Maybe I'll catch you next time.

Well, hold on a second. I agree with you that we need to change presidents this year, but are you telling us you'll do better than Mr. Bush? How? You'll make more and better jobs? How? You'll even out the taxation? How? My taxes actually went up last year in proportion to my pay (yeah Republicans, it did.)

And yesterday, on the radio, I heard you (or someone who claimed to be you) say that within six months of being elected, that you would begin to bring our soldiers home from Iraq. So let me get this straight. About fifty Americans are being killed every month in Iraq, and you'd kill 300 more before starting to decrease those numbers?

Then what? You've got be a whole lot more specific if you want REAL undecided voters to swing your way. It's time to quit with the "I'm a war hero" and "I'm not Bush" kind of campaining and get real with us.

Whatcha gonna do?

If you enjoy photography and humor, curmudgeon-in-training Mike Johnson puts them together in his monthly column, The Sunday Morning Photographer. Enjoy.

PS, you might have to fix a few of the urls by hand. Shareware web pages - sheesh!

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