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Monday, August 30, 2004

Why are the Republicans having a convention? Is there any doubt that Bush and Cheney will be their candidates? Oh, I guess there was a question of the vice president spot, but our very own John McCain put that hope to bed.

How come John didn't overtly ask the president to renounce the Swiftboaters for Bush TV ads in his anti-Moore speech at the convention?

It's that time again. I've collected enough links in my OSX dock that the icons have become microscopic. Please visit these - especially those that link back to me.
  • Disarranging Mine - Marie of central Illinois isn't too fond of Kerry, but likes Bush less.
  • The Orwellian Times - A blog that combines humor and Democratic politics. This is an especially good story.
  • Idealog - A far ranging blog pointed out to me by the blogless Dilberta (not her real name), that contains occasionally interesting entries from someone named Jasmine.
  • Time out of Mind - Arch-conservative and shrill hawkish Republican who frequently comments here is also a competant photographer of the American west. Look here and here to see some photos he's taken of southern California.
  • Ebay Nikon Lens listing -see what Nikon lesnses and accessories are currently available on eBay/
  • Randomize - Richard Tallent writes this technology news blog and points to me!
  • Fox News - Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore discuss President Bush's veracity
  • Picture Code - produces noise reduction for Macintosh called Noise Ninja.
  • The Travelling Camera Odyssey - Bill Moss has sent two single use cameras around the word to be exposed by two dozen photographers, includiing me.
  • Jeweled Platypus - a list of links, many of which don't work, brings popup windows to your computer. Included because it links to me.
  • Bob Atkins Photography - An informative site that focusses on Canon digital SLR cameras and how to use them. Included because of this interesting article on DOF in digital cameras.
  • DP Review Nikon D100 (etc.) forum - How to replace the focussing screen in your D100. Warning: Will void warranty.
  • That Happy Feeling - A pleasant blog from Morrie, an Austrailian veteran and help desk person. Links prominantly to me.
  • Ambivalent Imbroglio - A law student writes about politics (left) and law school. Defines the term gunner which apparently means students who ask time consuming and off topic questions in class in order to impress the instructor. NOTE: actually we hate this - it wastes everybody's time, especially the teacher's who doesn't get paid by the hour.
  • MP3Blogs Aggregator - Hey! Look over there! It's Elvis!
  • Kali Is My Copilot - An eclectic blog from a Floridian (?) named Jen.
  • Crazy Purple Squeaky Octopus - Benway's tripod.com blog pops up many annoying and neurotic extra windows. He's the ex-boyfriend of a popular blogger around here and links to neither her nor me, so if you want, you can skip this one.
  • Broadband Speed Test - Find out how fast your broadband connection really is.
  • Manila Interactive Websites - historic reference to when I was a Manilla guru at MCCD. Now gives a lame 'can't find server' error.
  • G r a p e z - blog that is nominally about poetry. Good meme for the RNC.
  • Justice is Duckblind - Flash movie produced by Julie Bergman Sender and Roy Sekoff about the seperation of power that is so essential to the American government
  • Center for American Progress - A liberal news and analysis website from the American Progress Action Fund. It's nice to see a well produced website extolling Kerry's virtues.
  • The Financial Forecast Center - With this site, you too can see the future and ride it to riches beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Wyatt's Haven of Bliss - The blog of a twenty five-ish, christian, resident of Lansing Michigan who works for an insurance company.

As always, I may have made errors or totally misinterpreted your website in these one-liners. If you feel any error reflects poorly on you, please complain loudly in the comments section, below:

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