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Saturday, August 28, 2004

This article has been substantially corrected. I named the wrong guy as the spy. The fact of a high level person in the office of the Undersecretary of Defence for Policy is under investigation for spying for Israel, and other facts presented in this article remain true.

Why would our "most cherished friend and ally" in the Middle East want to spy on our government? Although spokes-persons for the Secretary of Defence state that "He [name deleted] had a certain expertise and had access to things, but he wasn't a policymaker", the org-chart [removed] and mission statement of his office suggest differently.

Since the revelation nearly twenty years ago, by Israeli scientist Mordechai Vanunu, that our 'cheished ally' had built a secret thermo-nuclear arsenal of untold hundreds of weapons, it seems that Israel's goals are not in keeping with democratic ideals and the desire for peace among nations. In the words of the late Stanley Kubrick, "but the... whole point of the doomsday machine... is lost... if you keep it a secret!" Thus, the goal of Israel's neo-conservatives is world domination, not survival as a bastion of democracy in a region filled with autocratic monarchies, dictatorships and fundamentalist theocracies, as many (if not most) Israeli citizens believe.

Ironically, one of the scenes in the Columbine movie was of a Lockheed executive, claiming that the weapons produced by his company were used only as a deterent to attack by our enemies. 'We don't shoot first', he claimed in my paraphrase. That posture no longer true with the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive attack. We must have been spying as well.

From the DoD website, the Mission Statement of the Undersecretary of Defence for Policy:

"Under direction of the Secretary of Defense, the USD(P) is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense for all matters concerning the formation of national security and defense policy and the integration and oversight of DoD policy and plans to achieve national security objective"


Although the Belief-o-Matic says I should be some sort of Buddhist, I've decided to become a Nihilist.

The realization struck me as I pulled into work, taking the very last parking space in the lot that wouldn't result in my getting serious unintentional exercise. I was listening to the Diane Reem show - some guy had written a book on Osama bin Laden, and the news was spending time demonstrating how to pronounce the name, Abu Ghraib.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld was at the Biltmore, meeting with our very own governor, Johnette Napolitano. I dunno what they talked about, maybe comparing prison scandals. I shouldn't talk like that, she's my boss, so I might get fired, or tortured, or maybe forced into a humilliating sexual position. ...

Harold Brown, president Carter's secretary of defence, and a member of the Schlessinger committee appointed by secretary Rumsfeld, was saying that Rumsfeld was indeed to blame for the abuse at the infamous Iraqi prison. Apparently Rumsfeld's "boss" gave him permission to torture a couple Al Quaidans being held in Guantanimo. Goering, I mean Rumsfeld, then told the information extraction specialists that it was cool, and transferred them to Abu Ghraib (pronounced ebuhgjhrrehb) without instructions to quit making with the 'ways to make them talk'.

But Brown emphasized that it was only a dotted line responsibility, and the true blame went to that chick with the attitude, cigarette and thumbs up sign. Two thumbs - way up, as they say. Now I'm in a movie mood, so I sat down with My Attorney to watch Bowling for Columbine. We only got half way through before the booze and Valium kicked in, but the lesson I got from it was that the only thing we really had to fear was six foot tall, black males.

Living in South Phoenix as I do, I could either distrust half my neighbors or Colin Powell. Personally, I'm gonna fear that Cobb guy.

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