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Friday, August 13, 2004

Two microbiologists were walking along the beach at sunset, when they happend upon a huge blob of some sort of sea slime.

"Eucaryote?" one asks the other.

After sizing up the mass of slime, the second microbiologist replies "No, you carry it."

Richie Havens is still at it!

[Thanks Joe Jenett]

Oh my God! Julia Child has died. Julia, you were great. Everything I have learned about cooking and eating I learned from you or those you taught.

You will be missed.

[link from Tim Jarrett]

Sorry to do this to all you art and science lovers, but since Dave Winer spread my letter from Democratic contender, John Kerry, around and Don Larson has responded with the Republican party line, I feel I must answer it in a louder voice than the comment section allows. I apologize in advance for the profanity.

Don, you got me all wrong bud. I remember that day three years ago like it was yesterday. We gotta kill those fuckers. You've got the right idea, but the wrong crusader. I was all for Bush when he boldly charged into Afghanastan to kill that bastard and his horde. But then, I started wondering - why the fuck wasn't he sending in the Marines?!! And all of a sudden - whoops - bin Laid-fuck got away. And we weren't chasing him. He's sitting in some fucking Pakistani dialysis clinic, making his tapes and pulling Ridge's strings for shits and grins. (Pakistan: you know, the country that's been selling Iran nuclear technology. Now where do you suppose our good ally - anti-Soviet Pakistan - got that nuclear technology?)

And what does our president do - he claims Al Queda's not important anymore. He's got Karzai installed, so Afghanistan's now a business op for the boys in the biz.

I'm sure there's a bit of vendetta involved in Iraq, but face it - those "asshole Islamic radicals" there were no more a threat to America now than they were 13 years ago, when we told them we'd back them if they rebeled against Saddam Hussein - oh, wait, we just meant we'd back them philospohically.

So now we've installed Allawi in Iraq. Looks like more biz opportunities to me. Meanwhile. we're wasting time chasing down his political opponents, and still not fighting the organization that has been attacking us. It is for not defeating our enemies that I oppose president Bush's continued leadership of our country. He's playing petro-politics while our enemy plots their next attack.

Our government hasn't a clue as to how to defeat them. Fuck.

PS, Don, you seem like an articulate (if misguided) guy. What say, next time I'm in town, we get together, under the I-5 bridge just south of Pendelton, pass the crack pipe (thus supporting the Afghani economy) and mourn the seven guys I knew personally from Oceanside who won't be coming home?


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