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Friday, May 10, 2002

I just got off the phone with Caroline from Estari.

The device will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. MSRP of $3995 at first from their website, http://www.dualscreen.com/ and then later on through resellers. She asked wehre I had heard of them from, and I directed her to The Shifted Librarian's entry about the product, as that was where I had first heard of it from. So who knows, someone may end up with a unit to review.



Apple's Jaguar - sliced and diced [The Register]

Good overview of the new OS

from Apple, with very little bad to say about it so far from the the faithful.


Atmosphere acts as heat shield for solar storms.

New data from a NASA spacecraft confirm that a region of the Earth's upper... [spacetoday.net]

Interesting, as debris form solar storms impact the upper magnetosphere, they create electricity that in turn interferes with the functioning of satellites.


Professor Uses Comics to Teach Physics.

Is Spider-Man's web really strong enough to support him? The man to ask is University of Minnesota physics Prof. Jim Kakalios. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: Science]

Hey! You got science in my comics! Knock that off! Seriously though, it is very cool to see a teacher force their students to think about how something might work, and if it was feasable or not.


Segways first accident [Original article here]

An officer fell and injured his knee while going up a driveway onto a sidewalk.

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