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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Theft of DNA should be criminal offence, says watchdog. Education: Secretly taking DNA samples to settle paternity cases should be made a criminal offence, Britain's genetic watchdog says. [Guardian Unlimited]

As long as the evidence is gathered legally, there should be no problem in using it. If it is illegal to take DNA evidence without the knowledge of the accused, then you should not do it, for fear of jeopordizing your case.

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Tosh preps curved LCD screen. Your flexible friend [The Register]

More uses for this tech:

  1. Paint the canopy of a cockpit for flight simulators with this.
  2. Have your dashboard display a map that can be easily read.
  3. Displays on clothing. The back panels of jackets, for example.

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Japanese threatened with extinction, minister says. [Netscape News]

Due to declining birth rate. Great headline though.

categories: Culture

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Laws on Sex Offender Lists to Get Further Look. The Supreme Court substantially broadened its review on Monday of laws under which states keep the public informed of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders. By Linda Greenhouse. [New York Times: Politics]

Given the recidivism rate in offenders, and that those who have commited offenses against minors are the most likely to repeat their actions, why would we let them out in the first place?

Google search for recidivism
Alaska study

categories: Law Enforcement

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fulminate: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. fulminate [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

categories: Words

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