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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Pacebook Tablet PC [Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters]

New machine reviewed here at AnandTech. While it is bigger than an OQO, it looks to be promising. 600 MHz Crusoe processor (plans for 1 Ghz), 256 ram, and a 20 gig hard drive. This would work as what I like to call a "Living room system", in that it can be used in the living room, and tucked away when you are done with it.

The graphics chip will need to be replaced, as it is, and I quote:

The chip in our system included 8MB of integrated video memory and also includes hardware rotation, allowing the system to change from landscape to portrait mode, as well as fairly good power management technology. Again, although the Lynx3DM8 supports 3D, it is certainly not happy running it as even the animated Windows XP screens ran a bit slow and jumpy. [link]

I look forwarf to playing around with the wide variety of tablet PCs that are coming once they are available.

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World: Research on chicken toes raises hopes for replacing human fingers. 05:57 ET - Ananova [NewsBlip.com]

While this could be used to restore human fingers, I think your writing would become chicken scratch.


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Entertainment: Eminem's Early "Show". 20:25 ET - E! [NewsBlip.com]

Someone who has access to the tracks is leaking them, and Eminem can whine all he wants about it, but he's still going to sell a ton records.

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F.B.I. Knew for Years About Terror Pilot Training. The F.B.I. had been aware for several years that Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network were training pilots in the United States and elsewhere around the world. By Philip Shenon. [New York Times: Politics]
Senator Clinton's Speech on Sept. 11 Intelligence. The full text of Mrs. Clinton's speech on the Senate floor Thursday asking President Bush to answer questions about terrorist warnings prior to Sept. 11.

What did we know, and when, and what breakdowns in communication between departments might have contributed to our nto stopping this?

While the Senator says she wants to prevent this from happening again, and that she knows how hard that job is from seeing it first hand, she also makes some rather strong points, while standing by (behind?) her constituents who just want the facts.

I have had the privilege of witnessing history up close, and I know there is never any shortage of second guessers and Monday morning quarterbacks, ready to dismantle any comment or critique any action taken or not taken. Having experienced that from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, I for one will not play that game, especially in these circumstances. I am simply here today on the floor of this hallowed chamber to seek answers to the questions being asked by my constituents, questions raised by one of our newspapers in New York with the headline ``Bush Knew.''

The President knew what? My constituents would like to know the answer to that and many other questions, not to blame the President or any other American but just to know, to learn from experience, to do all we can today to ensure that a 9-11 never happens again.

Sorry Senator, given the past, I have trouble believing you.

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affable: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. affable [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

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