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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Kennedy's PT 109 reportedly found [USA Today : Front Page]

By the same guy who found the Titanic.

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Guest DaveNet: The New Economy [Scripting News]

Required Reading.

categories: Business

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Kartoo.com: A New Kind of Search Engine. We review Kartoo.com, a new visual meta-search engine. Type in a query and up pops an interactive map with sized nodes and semantic links. Refining your query is easy. It's an interesting glimpse into the future "Semantic Web" Tim Berners-Lee envisioned. By Andy King. 0529 [WebReference News]

Yet another interesting way to map information.

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The Brunching Shuttelcocks present: the Five Most Profitable Companies in the Star Wars Galaxy.

categories: Culture

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I seem to be fighting something off this week, something which is sapping my strength (Kryptonite!) and giving me a heck of a head cold. I apologize for the lack of news. However, this gives me an excuse to catch up on my reading, and to try to get my Hotmail account working again. <sniffle>

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Home of the future - News24 South Africa 05-29-2002. Smart devices in MS futuristic home  - Times of India
MS home sports high-tech appliances  - ZDNET
Very Smart Appliances in Microsoft Futuristic Home  - Yahoo! Headlines [Google Technology News]

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dilatory: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. dilatory [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

categories: Words

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Deutsche Telekom cuts costs by axing 22,000 employees - South China Morning Post 05-28-2002. Deutsche Telekom to slash jobs  - CNN
Sommer Faces Shareholders' Wrath  - Handelsblatt Dusseldorf
D.Telekom blames market as shareholders vent anger  - Forbes [Google Business News]

Great... DT owns Voicestream here in the US. I have a Voicsestream phone. Part of why I got it is that I can keep on using it while I am in Europe, just by calling them two weeks ahead of time and activating the service.

An aside: I had complained about the way Google formatted news in tables a few weeks ago, and shortly thereafter I received an email from the person who had set up the feed, asking me if I liked the new, table free way he was doing it. I do, very much. And If I could get to my Hotmail account, I'd credit the guy for having had seen what I said and responding so quickly.

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