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Friday, June 14, 2002

Cue spit take.

Microsoft accidentally distributes virus. The software giant's Korean-language version of Visual Studio .Net carries the virulent Nimda computer virus to Asia. [CNET News.com]

I wonder if their EULA prevents them for being sued for that?

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Holy shades of The Diamond Age Batman!

Love and CD burners underpin Chinese samizdat. CD burners are the source of a new samizdat in China. Young women infatuated with an ideologically unsound boy-band media property are burning millions of audio CDs and VCDs of the the band's "real-life" show. They're smuggling themselves on rickety fishing boats to greet the band. They're defying Party authority, and they're doing it for saccharine love:

"When girls like us have needs, there is nothing anyone can do to stop us."

Link Discuss (via Oblomovka) [Boing Boing Blog]


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sojourn: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. sojourn [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

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