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Friday, June 21, 2002

Apple grabs another video software maker. Apple Computer quietly scoops up the technology of Prismo Graphics, its latest round in a string of acquisitions in the digital video software arena. [CNET News.com: Personal Technology]

I wonder what the long term strategy is, as Apple has been buying up video editing companies recently (for the past two weeks, I believe). So they want to control the lion's share of editing tools? Are they going to roll out the the software as an integrated part of iMovie or Final Cut Pro? Time will tell.

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DAVE'S BACK!!!!!!!

Greetings sports fans. First I want to thank everyone who sent their good wishes. This was probably the toughest week I've ever had. I came through it stronger, but changed. Not sure how much I want to write about it, but I did want to acknowledge, as soon as I possibly could, that it meant a lot to have so much support. Just got home a few minutes ago. One step at a time. ";->" [Scripting News]

Glad to see you've returned big guy!

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NewLogic Goes WiLD, Combining Bluetooth, 802.11x. WiLDBOOST integrates NewLogic's 802.11a/b/g IP solution with its established BOOST Bluetooth baseband as a single solution. [allNetDevices Wireless News]

I was talking about Blutooth to my wife last night, and explaining that I was hesitant to start getting the devices becaus of the current price point. I then pointed out that I was willing to get a enw type of network interface only once it was in the $50.00 range, and I realized that this was the sweet spot in pricing. You are no longer paying the "early adopter tax", and likely, the system has then hit market saturation to the point that you will have enough of a variety of vendors to allow you to choose one that you prefer.

By integrating the Bluetooth and various 802.11 standards into on chipset/core, you get into some pretty crazy economies of scale, since you no longer need a set of chips to handle networking. If NewLogic can this chipset adopted as a standard piece by  some of the larger Electronics Manufacturing Services, they will then have an in with the market that will allow them to flourish.

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How did I miss this? a material that is 12x stronger than steel, assembled in a matrix of traingles and pyramids. It's a carbon fiber.fiberglass composite. Given that it's a composite, I imagine that it will have better vibration handling abilities, so for vehicles there would be less chance of failure due to ongoing usage.

Combine this with flyweight (flyash) concrete, and you have a lightweight structure that is better suited for handling heavy loads, as well as long term stress on structures and lasting durability.

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Another Reason Libraries Should Become WiFi Hotspots.

Ben Hammersley on Setting Up a Open Wireless Node

"Ben Hammersley writes about setting up his public WiFi node in his Guardian column. Ben's experience is a little unusual -- within a day of setting up his access point, Doc Searls (who was 9000 miles from home), stumbled upon it (and Ben). Later, at a group dinner with a bunch of British geeks, Matt Jones suggested chalking 'WiFi hobo-runes' on the sidewalk marking discovered wireless service, so that other netstumblers and war-walkers may connect to it." [Boing Boing]

From the article itself:

"...As a writer, with no need to be anywhere but at the end of an internet connection, an email address and a mobile phone number, it's a revolutionary step.

But the wondrous convenience of writing in a place designed to bring me regular blasts of caffeine is really nothing compared to the serendipitous meetings it has created: for as the network I set up is free for all to use, and somewhat advertised on the web, this cafe has seen a steady stream of like-minded technology enthusiasts, bloggers, and geared-up layabouts united in the joyous realisation that they never need go to the office again. A correctly enabled laptop, and a coffee addiction later, your first delivery of email over a community wireless network seems to come with angelic music and a parting of the clouds....

Since then, he and many others have used the spare bandwidth on my internet connection, and I've drunk plenty of coffee. In fact, with the caffeine, the only thing wired around here is me."

[Jenny Levine: Tech Goddess]

Tie this in with Autodesk's location suite (original report) and you can be alterted every time that you are in a location that you can get wireless access, which gives you the hobo runes mentioned above in a universal (and geeky) format.

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Nanotech Tubes Could Form Basis of New Drug Purification Techniques [Scientific American]

Dope the inside walls of a nanotube with antibodies that will attach themselves to the chiral molecules that you are looking for in the solution. Next, the tubes extract the chiral molecules that you are looking for, at a rate that is much faster than the molecules that you don't want.

While this is currently being researched for use in making medicines, I imagine that this would have a variety of uses in other fields. Any kind of filtering (now THAT is good coffee!) or waste management would benefit from a selctive filter of this nature. Home greywater treatment could get the water back to pure rather quickly, or use it to filter the water that is coming into your home, knocking out lime etc. The trick would be to get it to work fast enough to be viable for high volume use.

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Harry S Truman. "I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]

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persiflage: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. persiflage [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

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