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Monday, June 17, 2002

Here is an update on my friend and boss Dave Winer.   He is in the hospital and will remain there until next weekend.   To those that are sending notes, he should be OK, but in the meantime send positive healing thoughts in his direction.  He will be providing more details when he is able. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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Hey, thanks.  I keep getting success stories from companies that are using UserLand's Manila (usually with some light consulting time) to implement projects.  They opted for Manila instead of expensive solutions from Vignette, Interwoven, and Microsoft due to price and performance factors.  Reports are  that their sites have handled millions of visits without a glitch, took a small fraction of the time estimated to build them, and cost 1/10 the expected budget.  This is a perfect new economy story.

On top of that, ongoing mx of the site is much less due to end-user control of the editing process (no need for special training or expensive designers to do text, picture, document additions/deletions).   One found that they decentralize editing of a complex set of directories using Radio's outliner and Manila in combination. I also have a couple of consultants that are reselling Manila hand over fist because it allows them to radically underbid competitors using the more expensive systems or open source. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]


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perspicacity: Dictionary.com Word of the Day. perspicacity [Dictionary.com Word of the Day]

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One system for all handhelds?. Two Singapore programmers say they have created an operating system able to run programs written for Windows as well as Linux on a handheld device. [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service][Cnet]

Interesting, run the handheld as a terminal that only handles the commands that it is able to, everything else is handled back at the server, with said server intercepting calls that it should take care of.

They expect to release the software at the end of this year, so we will what it is capable of then.

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