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Saturday, August 31, 2002

FontBitch, Defined.

FontBitch1   Pronunciation Key  (fntbch)

  1. A person who places his or her own font preferences before those of his or her own readers.
  2. An individual who honestly sees no problems with forcing everyone to read a blog or online document in 8 or 10 point fonts. 


I've just re-ordered my blogroll along the categories of FontBitch and FontSafe.  A "fontbitch" blog doesn't allow the size to be changed with the standard browser size change mechanisms (View ==> Text Size) while a "fontsafe" blog does.  For anyone with a high resolution system (say 1600 x 1200 on 19" screen) or anyone with a vision problem, this is a big problem.  Many of my favorite blogs are very difficult to read and I'm tired of the eye strain.   I won't take anyone off my blogroll but I will move you to "second tier reading status".

If anyone changes their blog to allow font sizing, drop me an email or IM and I'll be happy, even delighted to move you from category Bitch to category Safe.  I'll also gleefully link to you and mention it on my blog.


I know the issues here in detail.  Yes I can switch to Mozilla.  And I do but the default browser for me and 90+% of the web is IE.  Sure this is actually Microsoft's bug but so what?  All I want to do is read blogs and web sites.  And these sites are intentionally or unwittingly making it hard to do so.  I'm not even saying that all text in your blog needs to be sizable; just your main body tag would be fine if nothing else.

Fixing Instructions

Size fixing instructions are at http://www.diveintoaccessibility.org/

Don't Be a Font Bitch!

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