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 Sunday, September 01, 2002

Perl and LWP Tutorial

If you do any Perl programming and haven't yet learned how to use the very wonderful LWP module then you'll appreciate this:

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Instant Message Exchange of the Day

fuzzygroup: phone. bbiab.
him: woowoo im off to get drunk!
Auto response from fuzzygroup: Sleep, sweet, sweet sleep.  The greatest pleasure of them all.:-)
fuzzygroup: (upon waking) good for you!!!
Auto response from him: I'm out ridding myself of sobriety  cheers!
fuzzygroup: lucky man !

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Profoundly Correct: Jon Udell's Observations on ACL Scaling

This either makes sense to you or doesn't.  If it doesn't then don't worry about it.  If it does then think how to address it (and this really only matters to developers that deal with security; unfortunately it matters (a lot) to me).

On the subject of security, I aired my concerns (shared by acquaintances at Baltimore Technologies) that ACLs don't scale. Even if we can layer a permissions matrix on top of web services, the combinatorial explosion of that matrix will create complexity that nobody can understand or manage. The example here is from Zope, but we've all done this -- and it's unthinkable to do it for thousands or millions of rows and columns.

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Thanks Tony

Very, very cool!  Tony just updated his blog so it can be resized.  Thank you.

And here's a good find from his blog:

Time for a Hippocratic Oath for software developers? Go

Note: I posted this within 4 minutes of getting his email saying that he'd changed his blog to allow font sizing.  I'm really, really trying to be fair here.  If I'm online then I'll make these changes ASAP.

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Amazon: The Computer Magazine Selection Makes No Sense!

Take a look at this:

Amazon's Selection of Computer Magazines

Now look at this:

Amazon's Selection of History Magazines

Can anyone explain either of these questions?

  1. Why are there more history magazines than computer magazines?
  2. Why are there no Linux magazines?

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A Great Review of the Casio Exilim EX-M1

Man alive!  I wish I could give this guy (or gal) a medal: for their review of the Casio Exilim EX-M1.  Talk about a fantastic job -- not the gadget itself -- but the review!  Every single concern I had about purchasing this very, very nifty little toy has been laid to rest.  Nicely done.  Kudos.  And, yes, I *really* want one.

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