23 June 2003
BLOGGING WIMBLEDON... First match on Centre Court, Hewitt (Australia) v Karlovic (Croatia). 6-6 and a great battle, though sometimes I think people are applauding a rally - ANY rally - rather than gameplay.

Beautiful day, rain earlier but warm and sunny. Did the champagne lunch thing, now just soaking up atmosphere. The crowd loves this match; very close and hard fought after a lackluster beginning. Wimbledon just as formal and proper as it appears on TV.

'Miss V. Williams' is playing on the Show Courts, where we don't have access. Not a big tennis aficionado, but loving this!
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Here we go again: I got some very interesting material from a request made under the Freedom of Information Act on the internal departmental tensions over the Irish government's proposed three-year data retention bill. Full story from today's Irish Times here; I'll be discussing this further in Friday's Times column. Here's an excerpt from today's piece:

Data retention plans cause considerable unease

The Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources has expressed grave concerns about the negative impact and high costs to businesses of the Justice Department's proposed data retention Bill, it has emerged.

According to comments, seen by The Irish Times, made last September on a confidential preliminary draft of the Bill, the Department of Communications also believes "the proposed retention period of three years might be considered excessive from the point of view of civil liberties and an individual's right to privacy".

In another document, obtained under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, the Department of Communications suggests that "businesses may also have greater concerns regarding confidentiality of sensitive business communications", so officials should consider retaining only citizens' traffic data.

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Are mobile phones about to transform our lives?. Thinktank sees social benefits of new technology if 'toy' tag is ditched [Guardian Unlimited]
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John Naughton: Late scores: Germany 1 Microsoft 0. Something really interesting is going on in Germany, says John Naughton. [Guardian Unlimited]
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