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Friday, May 23, 2003

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2:16:12 PM    

Howard Dean, a former Vermont Governor, is running for president and has managed to raise $1 million through the Internet.  Rick Klau first noted this, and now Blogcritics has noted it. (of course the mainstream news doesn't get why this is interesting yet).

But here is something even more interesting.

House Speaker Tom DeLay may have a little problem, which Rick Klau noted, after a few others noted it.  But this story isn't getting play on the Nightly News With Tom Brokaw yet.  What story you ask?  Here's Rick's account:

"The basics of the story are this: Texas Democrats, in an attempt to prevent state House Republicans from successfully forcing a redistricting act through the House, left the state. The result? The Republicans didn't have a quorum, and they ultimately lost their window to introduce the legislation. It is widely known that this redistricting package was orchestrated by fellow Texan House Speaker Tom DeLay.

But they didn't go down without a fight. No, the Republicans (apparently through DeLay's office, maybe DeLay himself) called Tom Ridge at the Office of Homeland Security and asked for help tracking down a plane. The OHS claims they were lead to believe the plane was missing or hijacked; DeLay and the Texans are vague as to what exactly they said.

End result: the OHS interceded on behalf of a state agency when no criminal conduct was alleged, and certainly for which no terrorist threat existed. "

For more check out Josh Marshall, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News.  Ed Cone says that the Blogosphere should be crackling over this story.

I'm not anti-Republican so I don't have a vested interest in seeing DeLay dethroned.  I'm more interested in the fact that the Internet is increasingly the place to go for real news, as opposed to the info-tainment that is coming out of the more traditional media sites. 

Hell, even the New York Times seems not to be able to figure out when its reporters (note use of pluralare just flat out making stuff up (by the way, here is an interesting interview with Jayson Blair).

Oh, well.  Why should I care if the news media pumps out pablum or fails to provide its reporters with adult supervision?   The real problem is that most people believe things that they hear too easily, and unfortunately, the blogosphere/internet is not the solution to that problem.

2:08:30 PM    

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