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Monday, April 01, 2002

About Asperger's

I have written a short essay on Asperger's.
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I am Larry Welkowitz, a psychology professor at Keene State College.  I have been doing research and clinical work with children and young adults with Asperger's Disorder and have some thoughts about the complex nature of the disorder (i.e., is this really the same problem across the kids we see, or is it more a complex mix of neurological issues), and is there really a uniques acoustical pattern to their speech.

About acoustics, many of these individuals do not seem able to engage in a normal "rhythm" of speech.  When "normals" (neurotypicals?) interact, they tend to "match" each others patterns of speech (i.e., converge in terms of the "non-content" aspects of speech, including vocal intensity, pitch, pause length, vocalization length, and so on).  I am now studying this by collecting and analyzing bits of recorded speech.  Of course, each Asperger's individual is different, but speech analysis might reveal (finally) some important commonalities.
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