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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Asperger's and Driving

I have lots of thoughts about Jon's "social capital" remarks, but since I still feel like a radio land "outsider" (I'm a psychologist, dammit, not a computer guy), I'm going to wait until I figure out how to post Jon's comments to my log (I'm sure its easy, but I need to find a few minutes to figure it out).

I spoke with a driving education instructor last week about what to do with Asperger kids who want to drive (or whose parents want them to drive).  Asperger teens have a set of problems that makes driving a particular challenge (I've also received calls from parents in Los Angeles and Minneapolis about this subject...cities where driving is critical to getting around).  The challenges to being a competent driver have to do with focusing on multiple things at the same time (and boring things at that), physical awkwardness, anxiety, and lack of confidence.  My initial thoughts are1) provide these kids with lots and lots of practice and instruction (from a friendly and supportive instructor) 2) do not rush the kid in to driving (he can always wait a year or two until he feels ready 3) consider a college or other living environment where there are good alternative means of transportation such as buses, subways, and so on (Los Angeles is obviously a bad place, while NYC, San Francisco, Montreal, Chicago are good places).

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