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Friday, April 12, 2002

Web of Support

The happiness of any of any society depends on the inner contentment of

those who compose it, yet in our modern societies such pieace of mind is

sadly lacking. Only an inner discipline can bring us to calmness of

mind via the conviction that humanity cannot survive except through

kindness, love and compassion. Human nature is basically good, gentle

and unaggressive. Compassion lies at the heart of what we are; we are

social creatures, dependent on each other, and the aim of life should be

to eradicate the negative thoughts and emotions that beset us and

develop 'the good heart'---which acts out of a desire to help others.

Compassion for each other's pain and suffering alone makes us human.

That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human


His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Most of all, kids with Asperger's need our support.  It's important to like them and to spend time with them.  At Keene State College, we build a web of support for certain AS individuals that includes fellow students, staff, and faculty.  These are people who meet regularly as a group, participate in social problem solving and advice giving, and are basically available as friends.  Certain non-AS students ("neuro-typicals") are given course credit to meet regularly with the AS student to provide social skills training and to study its effects.

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Acoustics and Asperger's Continued

Murray Alpert is driving up from NYC to meet with me today about our acoustics/Asperger's project.  While some clinical work is being done in the area of pragmatics, I'm surprised that I can't find anyone else interested in the "non-content" aspects of speech (i.e., patterning of speech).  An Asperger's college student just left my office and its clear that the rhythm of his conversational speech is askew:  He pauses too long, the lengths of his vocalizations are too variable, and its never clear whether his pauses are "switching pauses" (does he intend on "giving up the floor?") or regular pauses (does he intend to continue his monologue).  All this is off quite a bit, even though his eye contact is excellent.  Am I alone in thinking this is worthy of inquiry (anyone else besides Murray at NYU Medical Center??).

A side note to my "geek" friends at Radio Userland:  How come the titles of my daily Blogs are not appearing on my public Blog?  One nice thing about being the non-geek outsider is that I leave it up to you fellows to figure this stuff out!

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