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daily link  Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Elliotte Rusty Harold: 10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0. "What if the language itself has inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and just plain idiocies that need to be corrected? When you get right down to it, the entirety of Java is really just like any other large code base. It has some brilliant parts, some functional parts, and some parts that make just about everyone scratch their heads and ask, 'What the hell were they thinking?'" Elliotte starts with "10. Delete all deprecated methods, fields, classes, and interfaces." and ends with "1. Redesign class loading from scratch, this time with human interface factors in mind." Wholeheartedly agree. I wonder if the total number of man-hours spent on fixing class path issues has something to do with the current technology downturn.
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Brandon Lee says about Perl: "As Damian Conway says: "Line noise programs, numerous defaults, subtle context propagation, symbolic references, closures, unconstrained OO model, one-liners, weird modules maintained by weirder hackers, typeglobs, AUTOLOADING, operator overloading, source filters, etc., etc." Aargh! But, but, but ... when you start working with Perl, there is a generosity about the language that is unique. It is not verbose hackery but something like a corpulent (voluptuous?) hedonist that is living a little too comfortably. So don't eat just the bone or the meat, take the fat and the tendons and the liver and a little Perl." Amen. That's why I'm as much excited about Perl as I was ten years ago when I start using it.
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