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daily link  Thursday, August 22, 2002

Several books from O'Reilly that I'm going to buy.

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd EditionInformation Architecture for the World Wide Web 2ed. "We've updated the chapters on organization, labeling, navigation, and searching, and illustrated the interconnectedness of these systems in a new chapter on thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and metadata. And we've expanded the methodology chapters to include a more interdisciplinary collection of tools and techniques. We've complemented the top-down strategies of the first edition with bottom-up approaches that enable distributed, emergent solutions."
Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd EditionMastering Regular Expressions 2ed. "If you don't use regular expressions yet, you will discover in this book a whole new world of mastery over your data. If you already use them, you'll appreciate this book's unprecedented detail and breadth of coverage."
Essential BloggingEssential Blogging. "Written by leading bloggers, Essential Blogging includes practical advice and insider tips on the features, requirements, and limitations of applications such as Blogger, Radio Userland, Movable Type, and Blosxom. This book will get you up and blogging in no time."
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eRoom spruces up hosted collaboration offering. "NEXT WEEK COLLABORATION software provider eRoom plans to roll out an updated version of its hosted digital workplace offering, featuring integrated real-time communication tools and new business process capabilities."
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Is Real Estate Safe?. Are we in a housing bubble, and whether you own or rent, what should you do? [The Motley Fool] If you look at the prices here (Home prices changes in major U.S. markets, LA +17.7%) it seems like we are.
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Dody Gunawinata has set up a Manila/Radio community for his organization:  AIESECNice.  [John Robb's Radio Weblog] I like it too. Is it possible to do something like this (I mean the home page) for Radio Community Server?
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You cannot make people smarter. Curiouser and curiouser! quotes Mathemagenic:

[from my PhD proposal] Learning is best described by the metaphor “you can lead horse to the water, but you cannot make it drinking”, or as Joseph Kessels says “you cannot make people smarter”. Even in the case of formal learning an organisation does not have control over employee’s brain and heart, so in order to benefit from employee learning, companies have to find the way to support and encourage it without full control. The author believes that the answer lies in supporting interplay between individual and organisational needs by relating and integrating employee-driven informal learning and organisation-driven formal learning.

And continues with his concerns: "My fear is that klogging will only thrive in organisations that are healthy, and that there may not be enough of them.  Or, worse, that klogging will thrive as a control mechanism imposed by insecure and fearful management.  I don't want to be a part of that." [Curiouser and curiouser!] Very good point. I don't that the former is something to be afraid of. It may work as a nice indicator of the health of the company ;).
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Ray Ozzie: Architecture matters: The Rebirth of Public Discussion. "In traditional discussion, topics and their responses are contained and organized within a centralized database. The relationship between topics and responses is generally maintained in a manner specific to the nature of the database - that is, in newsgroups the messages might be related by Message-ID hyperlinks or crudely by title, in Notes they are related by the $REF hyperlink, and so on. Summary-level "views" are generated through database queries. And that has been the general architectural design pattern of public discussions for quite some time.

But blogs accomplish public discussion through a far different architectural design pattern. In the Well's terminology, taken to its extreme, you own your own words. If someone on a blog "posts a topic", others can respond, but generally do so in their own  blogs, hyperlinked back to the topic's permalink. This goes on and on, back and forth. In essence, it's the same hyperlinking mechanism as the traditional discussion design pattern, except that the topics and responses are spread out all over the Web. And the reason that it "solves" the signal:noise problem is that nobody bothers to link to the "flamers" or "spammers", and thus they remain out of the loop, or form their own loops away from the mainstream discussion. A pure architectural solution to a nagging social issue that crops up online."
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Radio disappointments 3: Not sure what's going on here, but now I have a bunch of these messages in my event log: Can't create item "weblogsComData.changes." because "" is an illegal name. Does anybody have a clue?
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RadioFAQs: Radio on Intranet question.

"Question: I am considering buying Radio for our employees to support our 'company community'. I have been reading the documentation and I understand it is possible to configure Radio to upstream to a server of our choice, i.c. one that runs on our intranet. What I couldn't find were the requirements for such a private server.Does it need a copy of Radio too? Or Manila? Or both?

"Answer: If you have an FTP server, you can get Radio to upstream to it but you would still need to connect to the UserLand server first. Instead, you can setup a copy of Radio or Frontier to run a Radio Community Server. You can create a turnkey installation of Radio with your own categories, themes and initial news feeds list and without connecting to a server ourside of your intranet. Note about another setup option for using Radio/Manila inside your intranet:"

I wish it was THAT easy. I've spend some time poking around and it doesn't work for me (maybe Lawrence knows how to make it work). Here is why. To make a turnkey installation work you need to create defaultCloud.xml BEFORE you launch the Radio the very first time. Unfortunately I don't know how to put there my own themes, categories and news feeds without starting the Radio. I've tried to copy my templates, but Radio overwrites them during the first launch.
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Some other questions/issues that I have with Radio Userland and Radio Community Server in addition to those of others:

Sometimes I'm getting errors from the Radio's webserver (running RCS). Is there a log file to see what's going on?

Is it possible to update the home page of my Community Server so that it will not show "Access Denied" (so much for the community server)? If you go to the you should get the similar message.

Recently updated weblogs page (/rcsPublic/) always returns "The high-water mark is 0 ..., The low-water mark is 0". Why is that?

RCS admin page (/rcsAdmin/) returns [Macro error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name "pageHeader" hasn't been defined.] How can I fix that?

How can I configure community server to return stat pages and home page the same way Salon's community server ( does it?

Is it possible to include with RCS the simple documentation package, similar to one that provides?

How can I change configuration parameters with simple script? If you do the installation on the intranet you usually want to change *many* default settings. You also want to update multiple links that point to Userland's servers (try to view the page on your RCS without specifying the proxy server).

Would it be possible to include a file upload tool in the package? myPictures does a good job in doing it, but it works only for image files. I've fixed it to work with any files and I would like to also make a path that it generates configurable (for example, I don't want to have dates in my path).

Summary: I'd love to have Radio Community Server on our Intranet (in fact, we DO have this server), but it requires some tweaking that most of the people may not be able to do.
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Radio disappointments 2: Seems like I can post at least something. Still keep getting "Can't upstream ..." in my event log:

Upstream Can't upstream because "Poorly formed XML text, string constant is improperly formatted. (At character #87.)" 7:45:05 AM 36.683
Upstream 3 files: index.html, 22.html, rss.xml.

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Radio disapointments: Trying to make a new post I keep getting "Can't upstream because "Poorly formed XML text, string constant is improperly formatted. (At character #87.)" message. How can I debug it? Where is the XML message?
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