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daily link  Friday, August 09, 2002

IBM was quick to release implementation of BPEL4WS called BPWS4J the very same day specification was published (which is today, August 9). More info from one of the co-authors, Sanjiva Weerawarana: "BPWS4J consists of two parts: an engine and an editor. The BPWS4J Engine is an all-Java implementation of BPEL4WS that runs in a
servlet container. The BPWS4J Editor is an Eclipse plugin that can be used with Eclipse v2.0+ ("
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As it turns out, Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS or WS-BPEL) represents the merging of WSFL and XLANG specs. Wow! Two other specs. WS-Coordination: Describes an extensible framework for providing protocols that coordinate the actions of distributed applications. WS-Transaction: Describes coordination types that are used with the extensible coordination framework described in WS-Coordination.
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CNET: Tech giants back new Web services. "Microsoft, IBM and BEA Systems plan to announce new specifications Monday that the companies hope will help drive adoption of Web services. The first specification--called Business Process Execution Language for Web Services--is a programming language for defining how to combine Web services to accomplish a particular task. Web services are emerging methods of writing software that allows businesses to interact via the Internet. The second, WS-Coordination, describes how individual Web services within that task interact. A software programmer, for example, can stitch together Web services into a sequence of operations to accomplish a particular task. The third specification, called WS-Transaction, is used to ensure that transactions all complete successfully or fail as a group." I'm wondering what are the relationships between newly created BPEL4WS, and XLANG (Microsoft), WSFL/WSXL (IBM) and WSCL (HP) specs?
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