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daily link  Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Blunt Force Trauma: Managing Local and Remote URLs in Radio. "I don't know anything about writing macros for Frontier so how would I create an ifLocal macro? For my reference mainly, as I don't fully understand the fix but I most definitely understand the problem -- it's bitten me a couple of times already." Shouldn't be difficult. Code of the macros was posted already:

on ifLocal (url1="/", url2=radio.macros.weblogUrl()) {
 if radioResponder.flSameMachine {return (url1)} else {return (url2)}
Create file ifLocal.txt in Macros folder of Radio, copy this code there and you're done. Now you can use iflocal() in your templates.
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Technography: Meeting Checklist. Intelligence of your meeting system. 23 smart and not-so-smart things people do.
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