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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Increase your dog's quality of life ... brush its teeth daily... [Washington Times] Related: Dog Teeth Cleaning

Practical products to pamper your pet It's raining 'cats and dogs' (and even birds) when it comes to luxurious pet products ...  [ABCNEWS.com] (Our dog had a waterbed... until it broke and splashed all over the floor... ) Related: Cool gifts for your dog

Woman saves her dog from slaughterhouse Bangkok A harrowing tale unfolds.. [The Nation]

Travelers warned on rabies risk Germany For most travelers, contracting SARS is not even a possibility... but for many who journey to foreign lands, rabies is a danger to consider:

In more than 90 percent of cases, dogs are responsible for infecting people with rabies. An estimated 35,000 people worldwide die from the disease every year ...and death is almost certain (within a week) AFTER symptoms appear... [Expatica.com]

Madras pays bills for dog shot by police officer OR Even though the unlucky dog was behind a fence, tethered on a chain, and signs were posted 'beware of dog,' somehow a police officer ended up confronting and shooting it in self-defense. When the dog survived, haggling ensued over who was going to pay for its vet bills... [Bend Bulletin]

Cat lover, acclaimed best-selling author and  feminist, Clea Simon,  invites readers to read an excerpt from her book, The Feline Mystique, which Dog News flippantly decided was Feminist agenda disguised as cat book.

'Hey - I never claimed to know much about dogs... and I am a feminist! Some bookstores have cross-filed it (pets/women studies). If anyone wants to decide for her or himself, there's an excerpt up on my website. ... let me know what you think! ' Clea Simon

AKC Animal Recovery We recently enrolled a dog in the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery Program. It cost us $50 (for the chip implant) plus $12 (enrollment form). We hope the chip implant will help bring her back to us if she ever gets lost. In addition, she will always wear a tagged collar when outdoors and during the day, and she will always be leashed, unless she's contained in a fenced area...  well worth all the annoyances...

AKCAR: "We are dedicated to providing lifetime recovery services for microchipped and tattooed pets. As of April 30, 2003, as many as 1,762,206 companion animals are enrolled in the database and 135,356 lost pets have been successfully reunited with their owners."

Related lost dog news stories:

This poor little poodle dog paddled its way into her heart IN [South Bend Tribune]
Pizza reward for return of sausage dog pet UK [Evening Press]
High-dollar dogs stolen OH [Newark Advocate]
Woman searches for dog lost after May tornado OK [KFOR-TV]

some humans...  don't deserve the company of dogs 

Man denies shooting dog with arrow [West Australian]

Driver deliberately ran down man and dog NZ [Stuff, NZ]

Man Accused Of Dragging Dog, Rejects Plea Deal '... later told police he chained the dog to the back of the truck because he was angry at the animal for urinating in the truck cab while he was shopping in a local store...' [The Hartford Courant]

Man stabbed for kicking dog UK [BBC News] 

Alleged Olympics bomber poisoned friend's dog NC When a friend hesitated to give Rudolph survival supplies, 'Rudolph ended up helping himself, stealing Nordmann's pick-up, and poisoning his dog for good measure...' [Independent Digital]

Pet dog hanging irks PETA  [Troy Daily News] why would someone hang their pet dog?

Jury convicts Nikiski couple of 180 counts of animal cruelty in second trial AK [Kenai Peninsula Online]

Dogs will eat just about anything:

Dog is no pothead, says Naomi Watts B.C. "Naomi Watts, star of The Ring and Mulholland Drive, is upset over reports that she had her pet dog hospitalised after it gobbled a mouthful of marijuana..." [The Age, Australia]

Jewelry Store Owner's Pet Basset Hound Eats $1,800 Half-Carat Diamond CA [ABC News]

Dog eats car keys, credit cards and owner's wallet

"I have an American Eskimo dog, and one morning she actually did eat my wallet, which contained a key card for my Jag. She chewed it up nicely, along with all my credit cards. When I finally got to work, my boss asked why I was late. I told him my dog ate my wallet, and I was fired on the spot." Darrell Perdue [Fortune.com]

The dog ate my will  Australia 'Daisey, the hungry terrier, is being blamed for eating the alleged will last will of 76-year-old Florence Mather which did her family out of her $750,000 estate... ' [Daily Telegraph] (photo of Daisy looking smug and cute accompanies article)

Dog Eats Dirty Diapers; Dog eats poop; dog eats anything and everything... [greatpets.com]

Woman waits for $200 to reappear after dog eats notes [Ananova]

Veterinarians testify about trailer conditions AK '[In the dog cruelty trial of two collie breeders], one dog ate two of its puppies while another was too starved to fight off a fatal lung infection, veterinarians testified...' [News Miner]

Starving dog eats its owner Austria [CNN]

What to do when your dog eats/hides/mangles the remote control (call the vet?) "People hide the remote from their dog and then they can't find it. " She figured she would buy her four dogs their own remotes and then maybe they would leave her remote alone."  [Post Gazette]

Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces What goes in, must come out, as many a veterinarian will verify... A site documents the damage... hilarity ensues.

One of our dog eats flowers, bills, paper and lint  (the other eats lint)