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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The business of puppy pampering... a booming trade NV Treating pets like royalty can pay big dividends for dog service businesses. Instead of opening a standard dog grooming business, one entrepreneur opened a salon where pets get the 'Doggy Diva' treatment, which includes: 

"... a bubble bath, full body massage, cool blow-dry and brush-out, petting and belly-rubbing session, face and paw trim, teeth brushing and manicure. On the way out the door, the lucky dogs receive a doggie bag with a specialty cookie...." [Review Journal]

Man knocks self out after girl’s parents turn him away OH Meanwhile, pit bulls keep disappearing from a family's yard (three stolen so far).[Herald-Dispatch] More strange news: Obscure Store, The Other Side

Grommett, the dog, saves owner from heart attack  RI A dog with extraordinary perception nuzzled his ill owner so much that he decided to go to the hospital for his overwhelming fatigue which was diagnosed as congestive heart failure by doctors who credit the dog with saving the man's life...

"Dogs are experts at reading our body language. They can perceive things that are beyond our perception. Dogs are renowned for their sense of smell, which is 100 times more powerful than a human's, and their visual capabilities are also heightened.." During his 22 years of research at Tufts [University], Dr. Nicholas Dodman has encountered cases where dogs have been able to detect some cancers, including melanoma, and have sensed oncoming seizures and heart attacks... [Naragansett Times]

It's a dog's pampered life UK If only people had it this good... A dog care company celebrates five years of caring for finicky dogs:

"We've had an Irish wolfhound who had to be fed Mars bars; a dog that had to be given brandy before it went to sleep; one that had to be fed a specially-prepared casserole; and another that would only eat wholemeal toast. [Edgware Times] (personally, I'd call that abuse, not pampering... )

Dog quarantined six months receives 'getting out of prison' party NC The dog was not in prison, but he might as well have been... After getting bitten by a rabid raccoon, the dog was quarantined by a chastened owner who had not kept its rabies shots up-to-date. The dog was isolated at a veterinary hospital, an easy choice for an owner who knew it would otherwise get 'put down'.. [Salisbury Post Online]

Summer arrives ... all at once... hot, sticky, dangerous weather FL Hot weather tips for you and your dog... [Times Herald]

It's so hot, the dogs won't move... and they're inside the house. This morning, both dogs wilted half way through their morning walk. Fluffly, double coated artic dogs require special care. Both chows flopped on the ground as I unpacked their cold water (with electrolytes, no less, "Smart Water"). Once they were fully refreshed, we walked back home, gathering speed in anticipation of cool air conditioning.... It's time to break out the ice necklaces for the dogs, and pack water and dog bowl for even short walks.

It's important to never force a dog to exercise in hot weather... most dogs are only too willing to please their owners and will override their own self interest, even if it means heat stroke or death.

FL Gov enacts tougher law to bite back at organized animal fight rings [Naples Daily News] Police gain edge to halt animal fights [Orlando Sentinel]

Chickens ... Hip Suburban Pets move from the barnyard to the backyard.... FL According to chicken pet owners, chickens require less maintenance and expense than dogs. They also develop distinctly charming personalities as they mature:

" if they're raised with you, they're domesticated animals and they're really very sweet. They give back." [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

Study: Gays Own More Pets According to a new survey, gays have more pets than in the general population. (Because the sampling was quite small (only 8,831 respondents) and self-selected, the survey may be flawed in design... The very fact that the survey relies on people who chose to respond may just indicate that responders are more likely to have pets... )

"...pets hold an important place in the gay and lesbian community. Pet ownership is more than 10% more common among gay respondents than in the general population, a recent survey reveals [62 percent, of the general population’s households own a pet]. With 8,831 respondents, the 2002-2003 Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census was prepared by GLCensus Partners (Syracuse University and OpusComm Group " [Windy city Media Group]

Woman blames bull dog's attack on her anxiety medicine... which the dog ate NJ When her pet dog ran loose, attacked and killed a leashed chihuahua, and took it back to its yard to gnaw on, a woman blamed her dog's behavior on its eating her anxiety medicine...

"My dog murdered a Chihuahua. I feel very, very bad, but there is nothing I can do to bring her dog back...' [Press of Atlantic City]

Jack Russell's debut as art film director wins award and rave reviews Canada A film by a Jack Russell was 'chosen by the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art as Canada's entry in the Venice Biennale...' [Ananova Quirkies] Related: Bark if you love art [The Globe and Mail]

Woman sues feuding neighbor for naming his dog after her China [News.com AU]

Driver who ran over stray dog must pay for passer-by's dog bite wounds China [Ananova.com]


The truth about Japan's dog food... JP Some Japanese dog food manufacturers include Whale and dolphin meat in their dog food, according to analysis by a  professor at San Francisco State University. Outraged environmentalists point to the commercial use of whale meat as proof of outright violations of environmental laws designed to protect the species. "Japan allows hunting of 700 whales per year  for scientific research purposes [only]...'  [Independence Online]

Man, pet dog, die days apart, years after surviving airplane crash into home AL When an commuter plane crashed into their home, both Leon Warren and Tootsie, his dog, survived without a scratch. Twelve years later, both passed away within days of each other. 

'Every now and then a person and his pet have such a symbiotic relationship that one won't live without the other....  An old man who kept bees and painted pictures of farmhouses, and his little dog who barked when someone came to the door and danced around a ringing telephone once his master's hearing went weak...' [Birmingham News]

Owner's epileptic attack ruled cause of dog's fatal mauling UK According to investigating pathologists, a side effect of an epileptic attack, a rush of adrenaline, probably proved deadly for a dog's owner who died when his dog attacked and tore his throat apart... "By the adrenaline given off, the dog would go back to its natural instinct and feel threatened. "The animal's natural reaction of defence would be to attack." [BBC News]