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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Top5 Pet with a cold wet nose:  humor to lighten your doggy day: top five lawsuits by pet owners This site hasn't been updated for a couple of months, but who cares. It's a treasure trove of dog jokes, top 5 lists, canine bumper stickers and more...

Barnyard Haikus
Canine Bumper Stickers
Chapters in "Pit Bulls for Dummies"
Items in Your Pet's Red Alert Stash
Self-Help Books for Pets
Signs Your Pet Has Undergone Plastic Surgery ... etc

Pets in the family should stay ... with the family IA [Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier] Why adopt a pet if you're not going to see it through thick and thin. I want to be there for our rescued dogs when their last breath is drawn, no matter how what...

more headlines of interest:


Dog Gone it, Read the copyright oh my ... not again ... my weblog posts are duplicated on another site... and it's a dot.com commercial site...

that does it... how many dot.coms are using my feed as their own... this is demoralizing

Please don't take my entire feed and place it on your site as your own.

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Take a look ... it's swiped from here... not funny.. and look at this (dot.coms make money off Radioland and Radiolanders. And sites at Radioland aren't even eligible for AdSense. It would be the height of irony if Google doled out ads to sites which swipe  feeds, and based their acceptance on pilfered content... )

and there's more... and you know who you are... but I'm not going to give you the link... you will get outed, someday... so watch out...

Non-profits who educate, provide rescue and assistance for animals are WELCOME to use this feed. .. no for-profits, please. You don't even have the courtesy to contact me.

(This would happen on the hottest, code-red day of the year... the air smells and feels like the inside of a car exhaust pipe.... ) There go the Technorati link-backs, but at what a price... Is this what you have to put up with to get links? phooey...

The best prices on pet magazines can be found at MagazinePriceSearch.com (we pet owners have to make our money stretch... )

"MagazinePriceSearch.com tracks the lowest price for 47 magazines in the Animals & Pets category (and 1683 magazines total) from 15 online magazine merchants, plus 25 coupons, making it easy for you to find the best deals! "[PR Newswire]

To receive free catalogs of grooming supplies, crates and other canine items at reasonable prices, call:

  • R.C. Steele 800-872-3773
  • J.B. Wholesale Pet Supplies 800-526-0388
  • Foster & Smith 800-826-7206
  • Companion Pet 800-442-PETS
  • Omaha Vaccine Company 800-367-4444

We did. We've been ordering through Omaha Vaccine (but we've ordered the other catalogs so we can check prices.)

My favorite product from Omaha Vaccine so far is the Durabed (a minimalist pet pet which has its own frame, four inches from the ground). The dogs love it and it will last for years. We've also purchased a dog dryer (by Challenger), which dries the dogs in minutes, instead of hours (chows take forever to dry.) We use the dryer as a hand held groomer. We've also ordered professional clippers (Andis) which will arrive some time this week. For double-coated dogs, you need powerful clippers (Super AG brand).