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  Wednesday, December 3, 2003

New Talking Heads box set. There's a new Talking Heads box set out, "Once in a Lifetime," with four CDs (including the rarities released on the Sand in the Vaseline two-disc set a few years back), a DVD containing all the band's videos, and lots of other juicy stuff. Link [Boing Boing Blog]

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Does Violating Intellectual Property Rights Make You A Terrorist?. It used to be that any hope for a reasonable debate was ended the second anyone called someone else a "Nazi" (see Godwin's Law). These days, perhaps it should be amended to include anyone calling someone else a "terrorist." [Techdirt]

Re: ending reasonable debate, the same effect is obtained by referring to attempts to manage the debate "fascism." Works the same way. Reminds me of the time my ex ended a discussion mandated by a judge's order by saying "there's no alternative" to her position. No point in talking any more after a statement like that. Or what used to be broadly called "abusive" behavior will now be "terrorist." End of the discussion, eh?

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