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  Monday, December 22, 2003

No, that's not a Christmas carol. It's something like how the earthquake felt this morning. Felt like a 3.5-4.0 magnitude rolling and jiggling through the house, for more than 30 seconds. I kept waiting for the real punch to arrive, and it never did. Of course now I know that's how a 6.5 quake epicentered 100 miles away feels. Enough to rattle the nerves and set the windchimes to clanging.

California's fortunate that this one hit in a less-densely populated part of the state. Northridge was also a 6.5, and caused billions in damage; Loma Prieta was 7.1--and I will never forget the feeling of that one. It hit with a series of bangs, followed by big rolling waves. I'm just glad I wasn't indoors for that one.

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