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Sunday, September 1, 2002

In Castletown Bearhaven. Departed from Lawence's Cove at 4:20 PM. Arrived in Castletown Bearhaven at 6. Distance: about 4 miles! Conditions: perfect.

This morning, did some laundry at the Lawrence Cove marina... Here is Papou being used as a drying line...

Then took a nice walk on the island, and got to some fantastic views of Bantry Bay; climbed on an abandonned british garrison building, which would be a fun project to convert into some form of artist colony... the surroundings are clearly worth it! Attempted lunch in town, but the only restaurant does not take credit cards. Managed to buy eggs and a leak at the post office with the little change we had

Picture of Lawrence Cove

Last night I noticed a damaged boat in the marina, so I asked the marina manager about it. Turns out the boat was entered in a race (the Europe 1 Star), and was racing until the solo navigator injured himself. The coast guards had to helicopter him out, and he abandonned ship; A local fishing boat managed to tow her in, but now the ship is in a state of limbo. Technically the navigator could claim it, but has not done so (even though he knows the ship in in the Marine); if nobody claims it then customs can release it to the fishingman but time is passing and he is still waiting for word from Customs. Apparently he does not really want it, he just wants to be reimbursed for his troubles... It's a nice boat, but loosing value quickly, as it's already been 2 years...

splendid day; mellow beat up the sound; race with irish boat, got beaten; anchored early, went to shore and had some dinner after a short walk in town; much going on in this little fishing harbour.
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