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From France to Scotland by sea.

Monday, September 2, 2002

Logging at sea, 5 miles away from Fastnet Rock. Departed Castletownbere (also called Castletown Bearhaven) at 12. Conditions: winds on the nose, F3. Motoring... Leftover swell. Aiming to arrive in Baltimore at nightfall tonight.

Breakfast in town; email at the internet cafe; some shopping; checked out Dunboy Castle ruin as we were heading out. Not an old castle (19th century), and only reasonably recently burnt down (1927 I believe), but quite a marvelous looking ruin.

The little bay to the right is an anchorage; we didn't have time to stop there, but we could of had this view for breakfast!

Weather is perfect - read in the paper this morning that August had been the dryest and warmest in many years. Can feel the swell, so will stop logging as might make me feel ill....!
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