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Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Departed Baltimore at 8:15 AM. Arrived in Kinsale at 8:45. Distance: 40 NM. Conditions: F2-3 winds on the nose, all the way. Motored (grumble). Slight seas all day, with a little residual swell in the morning.

Yesterday's sail (or should I say motor), was quite uneventful; arrived in Baltimore, as predicted in my log previous entry, at about 9:30 PM. Had a light dinner of soup and salad and fantastic Irish bread (marketed as "Pain de France"...). Anchored about 100 yards from the Baltimore pier, in no wind at all. Slept very well.

Today's mission was to get back to Kinsale, so the we heard the engine all day; it certainly gets tiring, but today was quite beautiful, and got to be very warm. I forgot to put cream on so am a little roasted. Spent the day alternatively taking naps, while the other manned the deck. Made a leak omelet for lunch, and tonight we ate in Kinsale. Upon arriving, B and I played scrabble, and I was properly beaten. Tomorrow B and I head up to Bublin (by public transportation) to spend the day there. The following morning B take a plane back to the States. I then come back down to Kinsale, and start preparing the boat for the sail back, which should happen as soon as I hear favorable weather. I need to clean it a little, check the engine, change the oil + the oil filter. Messy job ahead.

Tonight, on arriving, we moored next to a french boat - a crew of 4 who have arrived this morning from Brest (France) after 48 hours at sea - they made excellent time - their boat is a fast one, a First 31.7. They only rented the boat for a week, so they are planning to sail back tomorrow. In typical french style they were making their own dinner (even though Kinsale is the restaurant capital of Ireland! :) ). I must say the smell of cooking coming from their boat was simply divine...
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