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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Moored in Newlyn. No sailing today.

Last night, at 5 PM, went to pick up my dad at the train in Penzance after a day spent walking around and discovering Newlyn and a good fish dinner in Penzance.

The last time I'd been here I hadn't investigated that much, as B and I were getting ready for a big sail, so we really stayed to the boat. This time, however, I've been quite won ovver by how beautiful this little harbour is, what a fun town Penzance is, and how nice everyone is. (and how many art galleries I've found!)

Here is a picture of the boat, moored next to a couple of fishing boats. To get ashore we have to climb accross these steel moutains covered in oil, fishing gear, paint... not a clean business!

A little backstreet in Newlyn. For a long time, Newlyn has been a little fishing village, and at the time these houses were built, cars were even considered. The little back streets were covered in flowers, and many alleys had local beach stones as pavement.

On the way to Penzance (a 1 mile walk), a bowling green that was absolutely packed.

Today, my father and I spent the afternoon visiting Trengwainton Gardens. Here is a picture ot Trengwainton House. The entire site is simple beautiful; coming here in Spring must be incredible!

Finally, tonight, we are back on the boat - spending time relaxing, reading. Will start making dinner in about 1/2 hour: mozarela+tomatoes+basil, then pasta.

Tomorrow, still uncertain as to the plans, will depend on the weather. This morning the forecast was calling for F5-6 winds, and even visiting the gardens we could hear the winds pulling at the trees. The sea looked quite rough... tomorrow the forecast is for lesser winds, so we might leave. If not, we will probably visit a few more local sites before the final crossing.

So much fun to be ending the trip with my father, who was with me for the first few days more than 3 months ago!
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