Wednesday, March 17, 2004

My interest in running for Congress began with the belief that the people of North Carolina's 6th district deserve a choice. To have the same man run unopposed by a major-party candidate, election after election, is un-American. It doesn't matter that the odds of beating 20-year incumbent Howard Coble are long, or that the powers-that-be in Raleigh have drawn the map to make those odds even longer. This is about more than winning or losing -- although I would run to win -- it is a matter of principle.

I have learned that two other potential candidates have stepped forward in the 6th, and that there is strong interest among area Democrats in reclaiming the seat once held with such distinction by Rich Preyer. When I get home I'll work to figure out which of us would be the strongest candidate, and then make my decision. It is not the best time for me to run. I have young children, a demanding job, and many obligations in my community. But I will do it if I'm the right guy.

Some thoughts on how I'd run, and how I'd serve:

--I would not attack Howard Coble personally, but I would question his record.

--I would not accept money from industry groups, such as the entertainment companies that have lavished funds on Coble.

--I would serve no more than three terms.

--I would emulate Howard's strong record of constituent service.

--I would vote my conscience, not the party line; I would represent the NC 6th, not the Democratic party.

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Estimated cost of a serious campaign in North Carolina's 6th Congessional district: $800,000. Coble has that in the bank.

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