Monday, March 22, 2004

Hoggard praises Gary Palmer for pushing the City of Greensboro to adopt domestic partner benefits: "Greensboro has a large, vibrant and involved gay and lesbian community and they are quietly taking their rightful seat at the civic table."

N&R: "Only a handful of North Carolina cities offer the benefits -- Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro among them."

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Marketing via blog -- a PR missive from this morning's email: "I'm writing to inquire about how we could work together to add information about Cisco Press titles on your tech blog...I could provide you with chapter excerpts of our titles in PDF form so that the readers can download a sample chapter from your site as a way to bring readers to your blog."

It's a good pitch -- offering content, playing to traffic-lust. And even though I'm going all meta and writing about the phenomenon of blog marketing more than the marketed product, they still get a mention and a link. Success.

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Unofficial campaign literature from the 1972 Jesse Helms-Nick Galifianakis race -- the one in which Jesse used the slogan "Helms: He's one of us" against the Durham native with the Greek name. (Galifianakis made news last year after the murder conviction of novelist Michael Peterson, arguing that his friend was innocent and that Mrs. Peterson had actually been killed by an owl.)

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Ed Hardin: "If Maryland, State and Carolina can’t get out of the first weekend of the tournament, then how good was the conference to begin with?"

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"Morals Week" at UNCG, scheduled to coincide with gay "Pride Week." The College Republicans exercise their right to free speech, and demonstrate yet again that this freedom is no guarantee that said speech will be particularly clever. Although designating the Wednesday of the abstinence program "No hump day" is pretty funny. Special guest: Mike Adams.

At least the College Republicans aren't suggesting that gays be banned from Guilford County -- they leave that to the good folks across the mountains in Tennessee.

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