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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I spent much of yesterday hiking up Lone Peak. Unfortunately, I ran off without the camera, but Dale Meier of Utah Pictures has some spectacular shots of the summit.  He has also taken some nice shots from the air.

The Pew Research Center released two studies last week that shed a little light on the use of government web sites.  The most recent one is on emergency management:

Not surprisingly, the young (those ages 18-29) are the most likely to say that the Internet would be a key news source for them in an emergency situation. More than half those in that age bracket would go to Web sites as one of their primary or secondary sources of information.

In addition, 21% of Internet users say they would like an alert system that notified Americans of terrorist attacks via email. Again, the young are vastly more likely to be interested in email notification than older Americans. Furthermore, 22% of all Americans and 24% of Internet users say they think notification through cell phones and pagers is a good idea.

In another survey, Pew researched internet use by region.  For the mountain region, they drew their sample from Denver where the Colorado state site ranked 14th among the most popular websites with about 283K unique users in a given month (April).  In July, the Utah.gov site had about 356K unique users, which would indicate that it is significantly more popular than the Colorado portal, given that Utah's population is about half of Colorado's (2.2 million compared to 4.5 million).

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