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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Blogalization has picked up my news feed.

NetWorld Fusion includes two Utah bloggers on its Top Ten list.

Mitch Ratcliffe presents an interesting application for VoIP.  VoIP has been slow taking off here and we need to identify a critical mass of business-oriented applications to drive the conversion.  Meanwhile, we need to get serious about how we install technology in new facilities, including the new state archives building.

At yesterday's Infragard meeting Brian Grayek suggested that education (colleges, universities, and K-12) presets some of the greatest challenges for cybersecurity.  This month's issue of The Journal looks at many of those issues and presents some suggestions.

Update on electronic voting in Utah.

The House just passed an internet tax ban.  It does not ban taxes levied on goods sold via the internet.

Here's an interesting site that is tracking the growth of weblog activity in Portugal, a country which supports weblogs for all of its legislators.  Jose Luis Orihuela references an article in Jornal de Noticias on the growth of blogging in Portugal.

DARPA is exploring Brain Machine Interfaces.  A Carnegie-Mellon scientest has been charged by NSF with designing a new national communications infrastructure.

Weather.gov is down today.  Probably overwhelmed by Isabel.

In Washington, some are calling the departure of three people a "brain drain" on the nation's eGov efforts and Intel is claiming it can't find enough good IT workers in this country of 292,107,007 people.

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