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Thursday, September 25, 2003

The state of Utah was able to implement enterprise instant messaging almost overnight with the introduction of GroupWise instant messenger service.  Every agency in the state uses GroupWise except the Office of Education which uses Outlook.  We maintain a central directory of all state employees which became immediately accessible to the IM client.  This is a very simple, yet powerful, collaboration tool.  What it is missing is a conference function that allows multiple parties to participate. 

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Paul Ford writes about the use of XML in the federal government.

Uzbekistan is holding a summit on information and communications technology (ICT) and is setting e-government as a priority.

South Korea is mandating the use of a standard IT architecture for administrative agencies and public organizations.

South Africa is talking about e-governance at a national e-government summit in Johannesburg.

The National Press Club will be discussing the Future of Electronic Government next Tuesday.

The Indian government's blocking of Yahoo Groups is generating a lot of controversy.

GIS in the Rockies is scheduled for Oct. 1-3.

An article in Internet News talks about Microsoft as a potential national security threat.

The September 2003 issue of Capitol Connections is online.

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