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Friday, September 12, 2003

Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP - sounds like a radio station) was passed as a standard yesterday by Oasis.  It sounds like a great concept for sharing information between governments, business-to-gov, or gov-to-business.  I can think of a large number of potential federal services that it would be nice to be able to plug seamlessly into a state portal.  According to the OASIS press release, "Once a WSRP service is published to a public directory, portal administrators are able to locate and dynamically integrate it with just a few mouse clicks."  That would certainly clear the way for the creation of more adaptable portals in areas like homeland security, public health, administrative services, and education.

From Washington Technology:  People in the nation's capital are trying to figure out how to use blogs more effectively for business.  I suggest that they take a look at the State Library's RSS Workshop.

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Here are a couple of good eGov sites that I recently discovered:

The Utah Technology Commission will be discussing how other states have evaluated their IT processes and infrastructure for reorganization, in particular Virginia.  I guess that's a compliment on Virginia's efforts to centralize their IT operations.  They have a portfolio management system in place to review and prioritize projects.  Here is a public view of the projects currently in that portfolio.  The Utah Technology Industry Council now has its own space on the web.

Governor Leavitt's EPA confirmation hearing is now scheduled for next Thursday at 9:00 am Eastern time.  Fox News is calling Hillary Clinton's efforts to block the nomination a smokescreen.

The Utah Board of Regents has established its building priorities for the 2005 budget.  They will be presented today to the State Building Board (which has a new website).  Governor Leavitt continues to be excited about the Western Governors University which is part of a distance learning demonstration project coordinated by the Dept. of Education.

States involved in the Microsoft antitrust settlement have now set up a site where you can complain about any perceived violations of the final judgement.

By the way, here is the RSS feed to news items that appear on Utah.gov so that you can read them in your aggregator, along with a link to the headlines page.

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