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Monday, May 03, 2004

Gerry McGovern discusses Utah's Live Help service in his article "How Much Human Support should your Website need?" in WebProNews.

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Last week, President Bush spent a few minutes talking about technology:

"...if we want the people to be working here at home, this country's got to stay the leader in innovation and change and the government can help."

He specifically mentioned increasing government spending on R&D, encouraging private investment in R&D through tax credits, developing a new energy strategy that reduces dependence on foreign oil, overhauling the medical system through the use of electronic records (here's his goal, "Within ten years, every American must have a personal electronic medical record. That's a good goal for the country to achieve. The federal government has got to take the lead in order to make this happens by developing what's called technical standards. In other words, there needs to be standards.")

Finally, this: "One, increase access to federal land for fiberoptic cables and transmission towers. That makes sense. As you're trying to get broadband spread throughout the company, make sure it's easy to build across federal lands. One sure way to hold things up is that the federal lands say, you can't build on us. So how is some guy in remote Wyoming going to get any broadband technology? Regulatory policy has got to be wise and smart as we encourage the spread of this important technology. There needs to be technical standards to make possible new broadband technologies, such as the use of high-speed communication directly over power lines. Power lines were for electricity; power lines can be used for broadband technology. So the technical standards need to be changed to encourage that.

And we need to open up more federally controlled wireless spectrum to auction in free public use, to make wireless broadband more accessible, reliable, and affordable. Listen, one of the technologies that's coming is wireless."

This was an important speech for the president to make.  It has already generated a lot of talk.  Here are a few articles from the media:

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