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Friday, May 21, 2004

NASA's Earth Observatory provides some fascinating images of natural hazards such as this one of fires at the mouth of the Yangtze River in China on May 6th.  What a great tool to better understand the interconnectedness of events and systems throughout the world.

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The U.S. federal government is a BIG enterprise.  With that in mind, OMB and FEAPMO have created the Federal Enterprise Architecture Management System (FEAMS).  FEAMS is supposed to help agencies during the budget process discover other e-government initiatives within the federal enterprise that might be leveraged by a given agency.  In a large enterprise, this is very important.  Agencies often do not know what their peers are doing which limits the development of cross-agency and enterprise initiatives.

The latest quarterly federal report cards came out last week.  It shows that almost every agency is making progress in eGov.  However, only State and AID made enough progress to improve their overall egov status grade.  Both moved from red to yellow.

In conjunction with FedBizOpps, the federal government has created the Business Partner Network.  BPN.gov refers to itself as the "single source for vendor data for the Federal government."  BPN hosts the Central Contractor Registration system (CCR).

Check out this flash training on FEDLOG, a logistics support system that has increased search productivity by a factor of 60.  Quite effective.

An Assistant Secretary of State gave this address yesterday on carbon sequestrationAGRC and ITS are supporting several regional carbon sequestration projects.  This report from the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum provides some interesting background information.

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