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Friday, May 07, 2004

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge meets with Utah emergency responders. He was very complimentary of the UWIN project and stressed the importance of integrated communications systems.
John Kavanaugh was just promoted to vice president of Northrop Grumman, state and local public safety solutions, Commercial, State and Local Solutions business unit responsible for public safety command and control centers, highway transportation management centers, statewide wireless communications systems, automated identification systems, criminal justice systems, and other public safety solutions in the state and local marketplace.  Kavenaugh received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Weber State University.  NG also has an RFID implementation support center.

Tom Ridge will be in town today.  He will be giving the commencement speech at the University of Utah and then visiting with a small group of state and local government homeland security officials.

The May issue of Capitol Connections is online.

The Utah Wireless Integrated Network governance board meets today.

Accenture has a new eGov report.  I'm having a little trouble accessing it.

Wow, New York State just awarded their wireless network contract to M/A-COM.  Some say that the contract may be valued as high as $2 billion.  Utah's approach (UWIN) is certainly less costly - and hopefully just as well integrated.  The contract is the largest technology contract in New York's history, but will not include any coverage in wilderness areas of the Adirondacks or Catskills.

Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, just announced the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN).  Phase I alone is projected to cost $27 million.  What we could do with that kind of money....  Arkansas passed several bills to develop statewide wireless back in 1999.  This is one of several collaborative projects for the state.

NENA will be holding a wireless E-911 conference here in Salt Lake City on May 23-25.  NENA also has a couple of E9-1-1 presentations on how to deal with VoIP:

We are analyzing the benefits of VoIP in conjunction with a new building that is nearing completion.

Governor Ernie Fletcher, the new Governor of Kentucky, held his first online chat the other day.  Governor Leavitt did that a few times here.  Here is the transcript from Fletcher's online session.  He discusses a few technology issues.

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