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Friday, May 14, 2004

Bonj, who works for the State of Missouri, is excited to get a new blade server so he can move applications off system 390.  My employees get excited about getting new blades also.  Bonj stayed several years ago in almost the same hotel room that I was in for NASCIO.

Last week, Doug Chandler mentioned that the first regional 700 MHz plan has been accepted by the FCC.

I met with the Utah Business Portal committee yesterday.  We are working out plans for phase 2 of that portal.  Another group is working collaboratively on a new vortal, careers.utah.gov.  It will be available around November.

The LinuxInstallFest is scheduled for tomorrow in Sandy, UT.  Sounds like fun.

Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, announced dramatic success in fighting methamphetamie during last week's Republican state convention.  Missouri has a new methamphetamine website.

Tim Bridgewater came by my home last night.  It looks like he is kicking his primary campaign into high gear.

The Utah Campaign Reporting System makes it really easy for you to see who is contributing to various political campaigns.  For example, I noticed that Jon Huntsman, one of the two governor candidates that will face a primary next week, received a contribution from Nancy Lieberman.  I wonder if that is the same Nancy Lieberman who was a great basketball player.

California's State Comptroller announces $37.5 million savings through various e-government initiatives.  Way to go!

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