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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Washington State overhauled their state portal recently.  The new site requires little to no vertical scrolling, a big improvement from the previous site.

Provo's Daily Herald now offers a variety of RSS feeds along with a simple explanation of how to use.  USU's college paper, The Statesman, also offers an RSS feed.

Dave Mattison offers some great information for state archivists and librarians on his weblog.  Another great resource is Tara Calishain's Research Buzz. Today, Tara mentions Minnesota's Birth Certificate Index.  The Minnesota Historical Society which hosts this service has some other great online services as well.

California presents some interesting ideas on implementing a statewide voice and data network as part of the CPR.  They are also suggesting the potential for monthly savings of between $1.6M and $6.3M through VoIP implementation.  I think the 1,200 recommendations presented in the California Performance Review present some ideas that could be implemented by the incoming Huntsman administration.

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