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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The National Animal Identification System now has 29 projects going to explore technologies, including RFID that will be key to tracking cattle.  Several of these projects relate to what is being called the "Idaho coalition", an effort which includes Utah and several other northwestern states.  California and Texas are part of the Southwest Premises Identification and Animal Tracking Project.  Utah is planning to use RFID to track the state's elk herd.

NAIS says that it will not focus on specific technologies, rather on the data that needs to be collected, as well as standards for how it can be shared.  The Beef Export Verification (BEV) program, announced in October, seems to have more rigid requirements aimed at restoring beef trade with Japan.  Animals in this program must be enrolled in a USDA-approved animal identification and verification system and data collection service.

Digital Angel just announced their first shipment of RFID ear tags to Canadian farmers.

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