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Monday, November 29, 2004

Governor Schwarzenegger has completed his first year in office with this very results-oriented report of what has been accomplished during that time.

Chris Steins of Planetizen offers some tips on Developing an Open-Source Content Management Strategy mentioning this presentation by his colleague Abhijeet Chavan to the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association.  Definitely something we want to review.  He mentions Plone, Drupal, WordPress, and Moodle among others.

The Census recently released numbers (Utah) for government employees from March 2003.  There are certainly some major inaccuracies here and some categories are not included at all.  I guess they have some problems with reporting.  Also, according to the Census, the Arizona state retirement system made about $400 million on its investments in 2002 while the Utah system lost well over $600 million - a gap of over $1 billion in the performance of retirement systems in these neighboring states.

The Utah Quality Growth Commission has prepared this report for the 2005 legislature.

Check the recount in the Washington gubernatorial election.  Now there's only 42 votes separating the two candidates.

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