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Friday, November 12, 2004

With all I have to do lately in managing a large organization, I get little time to spend with weblogs and RSS.  Fortunately, we have Ray Matthews around.  Ray arranged for a meeting with Bill French of MyST Technology Partners and Jordan Frank of Traction Software.  Both look like interesting companies.  MyST has been syndicating my stuff for some time now, but I was interested in Bill's presentation.  It addresses some of the issues that we have had here in incorporating RSS feeds into enterprise portals.  We still have a lot more that we want to do in this area.

Here's a quote from Bill, "Most people look at me like I'm from a different planet when I advocate the use of multiple weblogs for different purposes, especially inside corporate environments."  Not at all - at least not me; we are using MT for a variety of internal and external feeds, Radio to generate content that is presented on the Utah.gov portal using XSLT, and Microsoft to generate RSS feeds for purchasing bids.  That's really just the beginning.

Bill talks about the emergence of the "newsmaster."  I certainly can appreciate the concept since I've had to squeeze that in between other things.

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