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Friday, November 05, 2004

The Federal government's Electronic Records Policy Working Group recently made their recommendations for effective management of government information on the internet.  Comments can be submitted to the National Archives before November 24th.  I hope that in the next year or two, we can get Utah's digital records initiative off the ground and get the state records committee involved in formulating an overall strategy for better management of electronic records.

Here's a very interesting proposal to the federal government for a standards based SOA framework for interoperable enterprise content management.  This is another area where we have only scratched the surface in this state and would be a good enterprise project for the Huntsman administration.

It looks like it may still take a while for Washington state to determine its new governor.  Democrat Christine Gregoire holds a slim lead over her opponent, Dino Rossi.  Gregoire recognizes the importance of e-government.  Her campaign literature calls for the implementation of a "one stop information database for prospective businesses" as well as building out the state's broadband infrastructure.  Rossi's campaign maintained a "blog" which was seldom maintained complete with an RSS feed.  I'm sure that Washington's techno community will be able to push a technology agenda with either of these candidates.  I'll be interested to see who finally wins.  According to the Seattle PI, they may not know for a week or two.  There's still over 600,000 ballots left to count.  Today's PI also contains a great article on spyware.

Governor-elect Huntsman has said that he will set up a strategic review commission to review overall state spending and make recommendations.  This is a great idea, similar to what was done in California.  The California Performance Review made over 1,200 recommendations, many of which would be relevant in Utah - and many having to do with strategic information technology.

The city of Shanghai is working on a new egovernment framework.

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