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Friday, December 17, 2004

Making the DAS presentation to Governor Walker was an honor
Since Clark County (Nevada) has the same IBM rep that we do, I hear a little about what they are doing from time to time.  Today, they announce a contract award to SAP / IBM for a full-blown implementation of SAP's mySAP portal along with financial management, HR, and CRM systems.  The Utah Division of Finance is currently testing SAP's employee online self services.

Check out the drop in violent crime nationally since 1995.  This is really a significant social phenomenon.

ReGeo is the European Commission's project of the month.  Looks like a great application for tourists and travelers and maybe something I can add as part of a PDA users applications suite for the State of Utah.

Here's video of Governor Walker's final meeting with the Department of Administrative Services.  Governor Walker will conclude her service when Jon Huntsman, Jr. is sworn in on January 3rd.  The latest information on the transition can be found here.

Ray Matthews, owner of the RSS in Government weblog, bids farewell to Governor Olene Walker

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