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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The transition to a new administration is continuing to evolve here in Utah.  Scott Williams, director of the Health Department, announced his resignation yesterday.  Robin Arnold-Williams, with Human Services, has already announced her intentions as well.  Those are two of the largest departments in the state who have been involved in many significant IT initiatives.  We have worked with both departments on a variety of enterprise projects.  I hope their new leaders will continue to see value in digital government and online services.  Transition teams have made their reports to the Governor-elect this week.  It looks like there may be a proposal to combine Corrections and Public Safety.  That would certainly be an interesting development.  I hope that the progress that has been made in wireless with the idea of increasing the operational effectiveness of field workers, first responders, and public safety personnel can continue to move forward.  We have made some significant progress in this area, but are still in mid-stream in a number of important projects.

The State has received another $16 million to implement HAVA requirements.  That could be one of the first big decisions of the incoming administration.  However, it looks like Amy Naccarato won't be around to help.  Amy brought a number of great initiatives to the Utah Electronic Commerce Council in previous years.  The UECC is no longer around, but did some good things in the past.

Kansas has added new licensing renewal services to their online offerings.  And Maine residents can now access their complete driving record.  The report is available at a cost, however, of seven dollars.  NIC, which built these state services has been pretty busy.  They also announced a new child support payment service for Idaho and new online services for the State of Montana.

NGA has released its annual Fiscal Survey of States.

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