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  Tuesday, December 9, 2003

ROMP dinner with Julie Furtado

Last Friday Kenneth and I went to the annual ROMP Christmas party and heard Julie Furtado speak. Julie Furtado is one of the greatest women mountain bikers of all time. To quote an article in Outside Magazine, "Furtado bolted from obscurity to win the 1990 cross-country world championships after having raced only a handful of times." She is a former VeloNews American Cyclist of the Year.

Julie Furtado at ROMP dinner
Furtado retired from cycling following a 1997 diagnosis of Lupus. PR Newswire had this press announcement when she announced her retirement:

		Julie Furtado Retires
November 5, 1997
PR Newswire

Juliana Furtado, the most dominant rider ever in the young history of mountain bike racing, tomorrow will announce an end to her competition career after being diagnosed with lupus disease six months ago.

Furtado, a five-time national cross country champion and three-time World Cup Champion, once towered over the grueling two-wheel off-road racing scene, sometimes going on long winning streaks never seen in the incredibly close, competitive sport of cycling. For nearly five years she served as leader of the Team GT powerhouse, and in 1996 she realized a lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics, earning a place on the first-ever US National Mountain Bike Team. Before switching to cycling, Furtado had been a five-year member of the US National Ski Team, missing her first opportunity to compete in the Olympics due to knee injuries.

While Furtado made the Olympic cycling team last year, and raced in Atlanta, her performances widely varied, and she started the 1997 season with doctors believing she had contracted Lyme disease. Furtado, from Durango, Colorado, continued to train but struggled during much of the year and only competed in one event before being rediagnosed with systemic lupus , a chronic inflammatory disease.

Now Furtado, at age 30, has decided to retire from athletic competition and seek new challenges

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